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Isle of dogs is a work of art. Tony like it a lot more than I do. I guess I was expecting a more dramatic turn of events in the movie. I hope more people appreciate these kind of movies. It doesn't follow a formula (well, it does follow a formula of cats vs dogs). The bilingual transitions are cool, I just wished I could have understood the japanese parts more. 

Let's sketch again

Level 27. Fighting self! A quiet place around the internet without all the drama. Though I can't read most of my old posts here because I find it embarrassing and immature hahaha. It's time to start writing again.
I have another lj account and all of my posts there are private. Writing and fangirling here in livejournal isn't a thing anymore, but I guess I want to continue from where I started in the internet in the first place. And well, this place is mostly private now.

I recently stalked one of my old friend's blog on tumblr- and realized, why don't I start writing a journal again too? It's healthy.

It's 1:30 am. Hello adult self who cries a lot on animated movies, which I need to watch more often. I've also watched The Greatest Showman, it's not an animated movie but a musical, I cried on the song A Million Dreams. It's nothing to cry about, but I realized what's missing from me. And why Nodame would rather be a nursery teacher than perform on a large stage.

I guess I have to read my older posts to learn from my younger version no matter how embarrassing I may sound before.
pretty aoi

Devious Journal Entry

Meeting You by ~jeaniza on deviantART

I'm supposed to draw KenKao but I got distracted when I  watched the anime and movie, and reread the manga of Kimi Ni Todoke.


Sawako and Kazehaya for me looks like the pink and blue couple in sanrio, hello kitty and dear daniel, pucca and garu (I'll just pretend that I haven't seen its cartoon to avoid ruining the ambience XD). I think of them as symbols.

The theme is supposed to be summer. I really got excited in  rendering Sawako in photoshop, that I got tired  in improving Kazehaya.(The cleaning and editing is tiring--it's my first time doing it for my own work (after attending  my computer graphics class---I actually learned something! ahaha) >:O) I wanted to make a watercolor effect, but it turned out like this. I've done an easy pose but a cute scene. So there. ^^

I'll draw one more fandom before vacation ends. I really want to make a SasuSaku, but it makes me gloomy----I get frustrated because Kishimoto isn't doing anything for this pair. Kishi's been doing a nejisaku at this moment (is it because sasuke's for naruto? noooo~~~ TTTT) I won't be expecting anything on the next chapters so that I won't be disappointed----I'll just hope for a good progress (Maybe I should make a narusasu instead).  >____<

And yay! I finally published my very first wallpaper in animepaper! Well, it's not actually the first, I've been lurking around this site for years but I'm using a different username----and sasuke's been my first wallpaper that time. So, anyway! I've done this wallpaper last year but I only managed to publish it today hehehe (because I'm too busy and super laaaaazy!). Since I've done a fanart I'll also let this wallpaper out this time. XDDDDDD


(I want a pen tablet! TTTT)